What Are The Differences Between The Brand New Fake Omega Seamaster 300M And Old Version?

Omega has added a brand new diver watch to Omega Seamaster collection which attracts masses of people with its design. The Omega Seamaster 300m was firstly released in 1993. Omega launches 14 pieces of new Swiss replica watches this year, among which the six pieces are made from stainless steel while the others are made of precious metal. Now I will introduce the differences from the appearance and movement to you.

The Appearance

The diameter of the new Omega Seamaster has been enlarged from 41mm to 42mm. The hour markers set on the dial are certainly enlarged in comparison to the original one, making it much more legible which is very important for diver watches. Both of them are equipped with the ceramic bezels, however, the new Omega Seamaster imitation watches with black dials have been upgraded with the scales engraved on the bezel which are now created with enamel techniques, on which the white luminous Super-LumiNova have been coated, solving the problems that the bezel would be getting dimmer on the original model.

The Dial

The new Semaster 300m is designed with a distinctive dial which are engraved with the wave patterns drawn by the laser engraving technology. The date window has been changed to 6 o’clock, leading to a visual effect of symmetry. Even the skeleton hands have been subtly reshaped.

On the bezel, white enamel scales offer longer-lasting whiteness and durability

42MM Fake Omega Replica Watches

The Helium Escape Valve

The Helium Escape Valve is another important part of Seamaster. For the new models, the valve has been given a conical shape and has been patented by OMEGA with an innovative technology. It allows wearers to operate it under the watcher.

The caseback

We know that the original Seamaster 300m was designed with a solid caseback for ensuring the waterproofness while the new one is assembled with a transparent one which allows wearers to appreciate the precision of the movement. Will this affect the waterproofness? It is No. Omega create the caseback with the newest advanced technology patented by Omega Ceramic Naiad Lock technology, ensuring the water resistance to 300 meters.

Unlike the old version, new Omega Seamaster 300m is designed with a transparent case allowing the wearers to see the movement.

Omega Seamaster Replica Watches With Transparent Caseback

The movement

The old version is equipped with Calibre 2500, while the new copy Omega with ceramic bezels are driven by Calibre 8800, a self-winding mechanical movement being certified as a Swiss Chronometer which presents the highest level of Omega. The new Omega with the new movement will not be affected under the magnetic field which is up to 15000 gauss.

Typical Replica Omega Swiss Watches For Decent Men

Spring is very comfortable, and similarly, gentlemen like to act mildly to make others feel at ease. Do you know which kind of watches are suitable for these men? When I appreciate the stable copy Omega watches, I think they can fully cater to the elegant men.

  • Omega Seamaster 1948
Forever duplication watches online are clear for the dials.

Brown Leather Straps Omega Seamaster 1948 Imitation Watches

With the comparison to the common Seamaster watches, the reliable Omega Seamaster 1948 replica watches looks unique, but they re-interpret the original modeling of the collection. Delicately showing small seconds independently at 6 o’clock, the watches ensure the classic and concise feeling.

  • Omega Speedmaster ’57
Popular replication watches for sale are steady with chronograph.

Reproduction Omega Speedmaster ’57 Watches With Steel Bracelets

Inside the classical modeling, the durable fake watches introduce the high-tech design for the movements, so the watches are not only proper for daily wearing, but also present the superior mechanism.

With bot exquisite technique and representative design, the perfect replication Omega watches are actually perfect for tasteful men.

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